Friday, August 21, 2009

First Wreckings!

Oh this is such fun, and so satisfying...especially when the mood suits the wrecking! LOL!!

I started to give it my own personal look! Will be adding more stuff to the front as I find things I like!

And now for some minor details....

Seeing that Trevor and I were celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary and we were having a nice barbecue, just the two of us...I took the journal outside and put some nice hot coals on its pages.... LOL

This so reminded me of my childhood! I loved colouring-in books, although I am not good at drawing...I did do my best! It depicts peace and quiet...just me and my dog!

Picked some flowers from the bush in my front garden. Its called "Yesterday, today and forever" and it was planted by my late mother-in-law, many years ago!


  1. Great wreckings so far!!! Isn't it fun?

  2. Oh yes it is fun Fia, and I tell you so satisfying too! I look forward to the next day to see what else I can "wreck" LOL!